Bérengère Lurquin
Freelance creative producer //TV producer/ radio producer/Art Buyer at freelance
Brussels Area, Belgium, 比利时
标题Every NO Ought To Be Heard
广告战役 My Body, My Right
广告主 Amnesty International
品牌 Amnesty International
行业领域 机构/公益组织/非盈利组织
广告口号 No always means no
剧情简介 “Can you help me do the dishes, can you take out the garbage...” We all know these everyday questions. And it’s generally known that men tend to develop a selective hearing for the things their partner says or asks. But sometimes this goes further than just ignoring a simple question...
That’s why Amnesty used “having hearing problems” as a creative vehicle for it’s campaign. Because some men seem deaf to the NO of their partner... and become rapists. In Belgium for example there are 8 reported rapes per day, 25% even by her own partner. In fact 56% of the Belgians know a victime of sexual violence.
With our campaign, we point out that saying NO is a basic right and should never fall on deaf ears.
问题 How can you create attention about rape in an impactful manner? When people don’t expect it at all...We invited people to take a online test by a fake brand. For this, we developed an actual online hearing test, but changed the typical beep by the sound of a woman screaming ‘no’ (from a soft whisper till a loud scream). At the end of the test we showed the participant’s result and reveal the key message by Amnesty International. “Every NO ought to be heard.”  We then asked to share their result to spread the word.
结果 It didn’t take long for the press to jump on it, we got covered by the flemisch and french tv news, radio , national and international press +  a whole debat started on blogs, facebook and.... in the Belgian Parlement.
The test results were massivly shared among Facebook users and generated traffic towards the website.
媒体类别 户外广告
Creative / Art Direction
Creative / Art Direction
Graphic Designer
Web Graphic Designer
Web Development
Creative Producer
Creative Producer


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