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Agency Search Consultants mission is to select the best agencies or marketing communications specialists to answer the needs of advertisers.

Selecting an agency is based on detailed understanding of the pitch brief and assessing the nature and level of skills needed, and fit with the client’s culture. This assessment needs a very high level of expertise, experience, insight and understanding of the marketplace, which cannot be based only on data and dollars.


Through permanent immersion in the ever changing communications industry:

  • We bring to clients a unique and thorough understanding of the agency market.
  • We know the key players, their credentials and professional practices, and their culture and personality.
  • We concentrate on client needs, and on the structural, professional and cultural dimensions of the agencies considered for the selection.
  • We employ all this knowledge to design a tailored and precise selection process in order to help clients identify the best possible partner.


We are solely focused on the Marketing Communications and live and breathe the industry, analyzing agency mergers, acquisitions and transformations, new entrants and market trends, through documentation, presentations, meetings and seminars all year long at local and global levels

No one else can bring this level of expertise and experience to ensure a fair, ethical and efficient facilitation of pitches.

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The AdForum Consultants Club is a network of agency management and review consultants from 26 countries around the world.

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