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Mark Tungate
出自 Mark Tungate on 12 September 2023
While rugby can’t equal the global popularity of football (or “soccer”, if you’re reading in the US), the Rugby World Cup remains a valuable property.  阅读更多

on 28 August 2023
Direct-to-consumer sales (DTC) have become as much a buzzword as a behemoth. Headlines proclaiming DTC is “over” scare brands away, as both big and small look for the newer, better way to operate in a rapidly shifting world. 阅读更多

on 24 July 2023
James Masters of Havas Play UK delineates the role of AI in the world of sports and the boundless opportunities marketers should get the jump on, positioning sport as the ultimate ‘real’ experience in an increasingly non-human world. 阅读更多

Mark Tungate
出自 Mark Tungate on  5 July 2023
What kind of campaigns constitute the best of “digital” advertising today? We take a look at some of the smartest Cannes Lions winners to find out. 阅读更多

Mark Tungate
出自 Mark Tungate on 15 May 2023
Fake news, propaganda around the war in Ukraine, the danger that AI will rewrite history: perhaps more than ever, the truth is under threat. So it’s no surprise that, around the world, charities, the media and agencies have spoken up to defend the truth and decry censorship. 阅读更多


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