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13 March 2018

Interview with Director duo Wilkins & Maguire of Stink Films 阅读更多

9 March 2018

Interview with Maria Hagiwara, Managing Partner & EP at Hideoki Productions in New York 阅读更多

7 March 2018

Interview with Fiona Campbell "Very simply, I make films - from content to commercials to shorts, to feature." 阅读更多

1 March 2018

Interview with Bruno Bossi, Director at Carbon Films in South Africa 阅读更多

Exclusive 1 March 2018

"If we share the responsibility to make the entire industry better, the entire industry will, in fact, get better." 阅读更多

Exclusive 1 March 2018

"I feel that as a society, we are still not comfortable accepting diversity as a reality." 阅读更多

Exclusive 28 February 2018

"The advertising industry is still not even close to being representative of the diversity of the country." 阅读更多

22 February 2018

Interview with Jason Fialkov 阅读更多

Exclusive 21 February 2018

"Most people who aren’t in the industry don’t really know the difference between what a producer and director does." 阅读更多

21 February 2018

"I always wanted to be a ‘creator of things’ in a creative environment" 阅读更多