Thoughts on the Super Bowl: Pat Mendelson, RPA

Humor. Please, humor. Everything else is so damn serious now. And humor goes better with queso.


In a few words, can you tell us who you are and what your job title is?

Pat Mendelson.  Executive Creative Director at RPA, working on Farmers Insurance® and And a Rams fan since the first time they were here.

The current price for a 30-second slot is over $5 million. In your opinion is the spend worth it?

Of course, it depends on your brand’s objectives and goals.  But it’s the one time of year that everybody actually watches the ads instead of doing everything they can to avoid them.  They even seek them out before and after the game and talk about them everywhere, from social media to the water cooler.  The ads are as big a part of the conversation as the game itself.

Who do you think is the “brand to watch” at this year’s Super Bowl?

I’m going to say Procter & Gamble.  The Tide work was so smart and inventive last year.  It overshadowed everything else.  It makes you wonder what they might do this year.

What do you expect to be some of the main themes in this year’s Super Bowl advertising?

You have to think that a lot of the work will in some way recognize and celebrate the power of women.  I also imagine some will point out the things we all have in common to counter the divisiveness in the country right now.  And, as always, the irresistible cuteness of puppies.

Are you looking forward to seeing humorous adverts or more serious work?

Humor.  Please, humor.  Everything else is so damn serious now.  And humor goes better with queso.

Do you have a dream brand that you would like to collaborate with for Super Bowl?       

I think it’s an incredible opportunity to work on any Super Bowl project. 

Rams or Patriots? 

The Rams. 

What is your favorite Super Bowl ad of all time? 

Gotta say the VW “Darth Vader” ad.  Because my son was such a fan of Star Wars, it always really resonates with me. I also partial tour work on Honda’s Matthew’s Day Off.