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BETC Paris
Pantin, 法国
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Jérémy Treccani
Directeur artistique BETC

No stranger to exploration and innovation, Jeremy Treccani, Art Director at BETC Paris, weighs in on the flexibility of AI tools and how to best leverage them.


Does your agency encourage or discourage you from using AI in your work? How does your team use these tools in the creative process?

The agency is very supportive of using AI in the creative process. We have even conducted internal workshops and training sessions to foster curiosity and showcase the various applications in our field. Each team member has a different use depending on their role. For example, as a creative director, we often utilize generative images such as Midjourney or Firefly. There are multiple ways we leverage these tools. Some use them to create moodboards, while others employ them to enhance specific elements of images. It's often towards the end of the creative process to bring an idea to life.


Do you think accessibility to these tools affects how they are used?

These tools are versatile and have a wide range of applications. Therefore, I don't believe there is a "correct" way to use them. The accessibility of these tools allows for flexibility in their utilization, accommodating different creative approaches and needs.


As AI advances, does it redefine the role of creatives? In what ways do you find the creative landscape evolving or changing in response to AI?

Based on my knowledge of generative AI, at least for now, it enables us to delve deeper into craftsmanship and exploration. I view it as a tool, much like desktop publishing (DTP) or the internet when they first emerged. Naturally, this has an impact on the creative landscape, and it is crucial to be interested and curious about these advancements. However, the core idea and raw creativity still originate from humans.


If AI enhances the ability to conceive and think, what are the responsible ways to harness these new technologies?

I don't believe AI directly enhances our capacity to think or conceive. However, it does enable us to further execute our ideas and take an additional step towards bringing them to life with ease. As for responsible use, intellectual property becomes a significant concern with these new technologies, as it becomes easier to approximate existing styles, graphics, or photographs using AI.