A revolution of creativity is on the horizon

It's time to embrace the transformation of technology and culture

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Morten Grubak
Global Executive Creative Director, Innovation Virtue Worldwide

AI helps bring together the worlds of creativity, technology and culture. Speaking on the future of AI in advertising, Morten Grubak, Global Executive Creative Director, Innovation at Virtue Worldwide, weighs in on the utilization of AI in the realm of creativity.


Does your agency encourage or deter the use of AI in your work? If applicable, how does your team integrate these tools into the creative process?

We strongly encourage the adoption of AI across all roles, not just limited to the creative team. Most boring daily tasks can be made efficient with AI, written summaries from video calls to navigating long conversations on Slack, yet it’s not good enough to let it off the rails and send emails to your colleagues.

Currently, we are required to sign up on new platforms in order to access the latest technology. However, in the near future, we will witness its integration becoming almost seamless in our personal and professional lives. Two great examples are Adobe Firefly and Zalando’s Personal Fashion AI.


How does the accessibility of these tools affect the way it is used?

In the old world (12 months ago, Lol), we likely allocated approximately 30% of our time to the process of generating ideas, while the remaining 70% was dedicated to transforming those ideas into a well-crafted presentation. However, these two percentages have now been reversed. We can allow ourselves to spend much more time in the creative process, away from the machines and being more human.


As AI advances, how is the role of the creative redefined? In what ways do you see the landscape of creation changing/shifting in response to AI?

Technology and culture are at a moment of immense transformation, and I strongly believe that those who creatively and wholeheartedly embrace this juncture, with a willingness to explore new ideas, will be the ones to spearhead a revolutionary wave of creativity unlike anything we have witnessed before.


If AI furthers its capability to create and think, what is a responsible way to use these new Technologies?

The most straightforward approach is to consider "The Three C's" before implementing AI technologies: Contracts, Compliance, and Culture. However, when it comes to the utilization of AI in the realm of creativity, I would personally modify the three C's to: Credit, Compensation, and Consent. This adjustment ensures that we acknowledge and respect the contributions made by individuals involved in the data-set.