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2109 Broadway Suite #1462
New York NY 10023
电话: (+1) 646 415 8015

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员工: 10

Alchemy Insights

2109 Broadway Suite #1462
New York NY 10023
电话: (+1) 646 415 8015

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About Alchemy Insights

Turning Ideas Into Actions

The Big Idea: A campaign, strategy, innovation or any initiative requiring the collaboration of a group of people to succeed. Ideas are the result of a creative process born of imagination, intuition, and evidence. Typically driven by an individual or select group.

Divergent Opinions on the central idea are found in every person in the ecosystem. A mix of experience, position, politics, fears & apprehensions. They create blockages in realizing the big idea.

Alignment: When strong alignment is achieved, it eliminates the inefficiencies in the process, producing agreed coordinated actions. The results are faster outcomes, more certainty, and greater follow-through. It frees up the collective brain power to concentrate on matters of higher value in support of the big idea. The result is a bigger idea.
Improve success by melding Collaborations Architecture into your next important endeavor. 


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