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176 Grand St. Second Floor
New York New York 10013
电话: (+1) 212 835-9300

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核心能力: 互联网及数字媒体全服务广告公司, 社交媒体营销, 电子商务, 战略与策划

成立年份: 2000

奖项: 8

创意作品: 3

客户: 18


176 Grand St. Second Floor
New York New York 10013
电话: (+1) 212 835-9300
Charles Bae

Charles Bae

Co-Founder, CCO
Jim Blackwelder

Jim Blackwelder

Chief Technical Officer

电话: (+1) (212) 835-9340

Mark Nathanson

VP, Client Strategy

电话: (+1) (212) 835-9343

Chung Ng

Chung Ng

Co-Founder, CXO

电话: (+1) (212) 835-9318

John Noe

John Noe

Co-Founder, CEO

电话: (+1) (212) 835-9317

Marielle Reading

VP, Client Services

电话: (+1) (212) 835-9330


Born from digital. Evolved into a fully integrated agency.

Digital is everywhere.
From the second we wake up to the moment before we sleep, it inspires us. It connects us to what’s important in our life, and drives our compassion.

At the same time, the world is rapidly changing. The rate of technological innovation outpaces the innovation of most of our clients. And with each new device and channel of communication comes a new set of expectations and challenges.

Our aim is to help brands meet the ever-shifting needs of communities and cultures. To develop a strategic point of view that can navigate existing and emerging consumer journeys. To challenge conformity. And to completely re-imagine the experiences through which people will connect.

Over the years, we’ve designed and implemented some of the most recognized digital business solutions and interactive advertising campaigns in the world. We’re proud to say this experience has afforded us a unique perspective for the work we do today: helping global brands deliver story and solution in a single package. 



We know that there can be no ROI without engagement, just as there can be no engagement in the absence of something truly inspiring. We know because that's what we do: We inspire creativity. ROKKAN borrows its name from the Japanese word for intuition, or sixth sense. We feel that intuition is the backbone of any creative culture, and inspired creativity is the only true key to ROI. Since 2000 we have provided innovative solutions for clients such as Time Warner, New Line Cinema, 2K Games, Virgin America, NBA, Deutsche Bank, IBM, and more. Our diverse client portfolio testifies to our commitment to quality. However, we are defined not only by our work, but by the cultural diversity of our team, whose passions are limitless. ROKKAN’s status as a minority-owned business ensures that our creative strategies reflect and leverage that diversity. Follow your intuition and you will learn that ROI is a function of inspiration. Follow your intuition and you will discover ROKKAN - intuition at work.

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