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162/164, rue De Billancourt BP 411
Boulogne Billancourt 92103
电话: (+33) 01 49 09 70 10

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成立年份: 1970


奖项: 42

创意作品: 1

客户: 25

TBWA\Groupe France

162/164, rue De Billancourt BP 411
Boulogne Billancourt 92103
电话: (+33) 01 49 09 70 10

Lionel Aboudaram

Executive Vice President

电话: (+33) 01 49 09 80 09

Gérard Cicurel

Vice President & COO

电话: (+33) 01 49 09 81 23

Marie-Catherine Dupuy

Marie-Catherine Dupuy

Vice-Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

电话: (+33) 01 49 09 72 06

Pascal Mariani

Chief Financial Officer

电话: (+33) 01 49 09 72 43

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About TBWA\Groupe France

TBWA is The Disruption® Company: the cultural engine for 21st century business. Named Adweek’s 2018 Global Agency of the Year, we create disruptive ideas that locate and involve brands in culture, giving them a larger share of the future. Our collective has 11,300 creative minds across 275 offices in 95 countries and also includes brands such as Auditoire, Digital Arts Network (DAN), eg+ worldwide, GMR, The Integer Group®, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, TBWA\WorldHealth and TRO. Global clients include adidas, Apple, Gatorade, Henkel, Hilton Hotels, McDonald’s, Michelin, Nissan, and Singapore Airlines. TBWA was named Adweek’s 2018 Global Agency of the Year, read more below.
Global Agency of the Year: TBWA Is Once Again in a Golden Age of Disruptive Creativity
Video: Who We Picked for Our Agencies of the Year and Why We Picked Them
12 Campaigns That Show How TBWA Sparked Conversations Worldwide in 2018 


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"To create ideas that give our clients and their brands a greater part of the future". Today this mission is shared by all the agencies of the TBWA\ group in France and worldwide with, at the heart of our philosophy, ideas inspired by the DISRUPTION and organized by CONNECTIONS, a new approach of integrated communication strategy. From the time when it was created, the TBWA\FRANCE Group has strived to offer to its clients integrated answers rather than an accumulation of expertise. Thanks to this integrated discipline, written in the group’s genes, 17 of our main clients use at least 5 agencies within the group and 45 clients use at least 3 agencies within the group.
TBWA network is present in 75 countries with 237 agencies
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