A summer of branding opportunities

With the pandemic fading into the past, brands can make the most of the summer’s festivals and events. Here are some inspiring examples.

出自 Mark Tungate , Adforum

Ah, summer! Concerts, festivals, road trips…and plenty of opportunities for brands to connect with audiences. Last year saw a resurgence of partnerships with live events, as people put the pandemic behind them and embraced the chance to get together in the name of music and culture.

First let’s go to Colombia, where a bank targeted music fans attending a huge annual concert in Bogotá.

Meanwhile, the performers at this metal festival in Germany were a bunch of animals. Literally. Find out how beer brand Krombacher and Accenture Song gave endangered species a voice.

In Sweden, music venues were busy again, but live entertainment promotors Luger and Live Nation wanted to encourage people to attend concerts by up-and-coming acts as well as famous names. So with Forsman & Bodenfors, they created a “scratch card ticket”. Adding an element of chance to buying a spot at a concert…

Can blind or visually impaired people appreciate concerts and festivals? Of course they can – and in Mexico the agency Mullen Lowe SSP3 gave them a helping hand with this inclusive “seats for all” campaign.

Ice cream brand Magnum has become one of the first advertisers to “sponsor” the summer of 2023. To do so it teamed up with TikTok favorite JVKE and another even more massive star: the sun. JVKE’s song “Golden Hour” was remixed using the sounds of the sun from NASA’s data library, interpreted by solar data specialist Dr Robert Alexander. You can hear (and see) the stellar result below.

Travel is also part of the summer experience, of course. Luggage brand Samsonite has some interesting advice for todays’ over-connected young consumers: “Travel like your parents.”

Finally, if you want to know how to party this summer, you could learn a thing or two from these guys. Grey New York helped Modelo, a beer born in Mexico, celebrate that country’s culture, food and music for Cinco de Mayo. The result is vibrant and uplifting. Have a great summer everyone!