Pride spotlight on Ralph Lauren, Levi Strauss, Mastercard and Microsoft promoting LGBTQIA+ support all year round

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During Pride month it can be difficult to differentiate authentic support and rainbow washing. Many companies donate and support during the month of June, which is wonderful. For this feature, we are highlighting brands that support the LGBTQIA+ community year-round, some have for decades.




Storied American fashion brand, Ralph Lauren, has long been committed to supporting their LGBTQ employees and the community. Their efforts date back to 1990, when they began sponsoring the annual AIDS Walk in New York. Since then, the company has done extensive work to support the community, including partnering with the Stonewall Community Foundation and working with LGBTQ teens. A portion of the proceeds from the 2020 Pride collection, totaling over $300,000, went directly to support the Stonewall Community Foundation. This year, Ralph Lauren’s Pride advertising emphasized LGBTQIA+ activists, the voices and perspectives of unique LGBTQIA+ luminaries, called Authors of the American Dream.




In 1982, CEO Bob Haas joined San Francisco employees to distribute information about HIV/AIDS. The Levi Strauss Foundation gave its first corporate donation to the Karposi Sarcoma Clinic – the first AIDS clinic in the world. In 1992, Levi’s became the first Fortune 500 company to offer full medical benefits to the unmarried partners of its employees. In 2003, Levi’s expanded its non-discrimination/non-harassment protected classes to include transgender employees. In 2007, the Levi Strauss Foundation began its support for the apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS. In 2007, Levi Strauss & Co was the only corporation in California to file an amicus brief, filed by people who typically take the position of one side in a case, with the California Supreme Court to support same-sex marriage. Levi’s Pride campaign this year consists of size-inclusive and genderless clothing reading phrases such as, “Let Us Love”, “Live Your Truth” and “People Love.”




This Pride month, Mastercard® continues its longstanding support of the LGBTQIA+ community through Your True Self is Priceless, which is a campaign designed to celebrate the power that comes from embracing and living as your authentic self. Mastercard’s commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community was shown through the company’s 2019 introduction of True Name, a card feature allowing transgender and non-binary cardholders to display their chosen name on their Mastercard, giving them a way to proudly represent their true self and increasing their comfort and safety in everyday transactions.




Microsoft placed sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policies in 1989 and continues to champion their LGBTQ employees today through their ERG, “GLEAM.” Through GLEAM, Microsoft employees are provided with support, advocacy, networking opportunities, external outreach to nonprofits, and education promotion. They also are committed to supporting LGBTQ organizations and donated $250,000 to LGBTQ and racial equity nonprofits in 2020. This year, Microsoft is illuminating the interconnected nature of the challenges we face – and calling for a unified global response across all borders, both real and perceived with an advertisement called, “Pride Has No Borders”.

Pride Month is a time for the LGBTQIA+ community to be heard and seen, not pandered to, these companies have made a consistent effort to use their platforms to do just that. 

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