Are you capable of finding Guatemala on a map? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But Guatemala’s tourist board and the agency d4 McCann found a terrific away of making the country stand out. And they did so in one of the most message-cluttered locations in the world: Times Square, New York City. The ad grabbed eyeballs thanks to its simple call to action in Helvetica on a white background. The message? “Now come to a place without billboards. Come to Guatemala.” Followed by some beautiful images of the country. With 480,000 impressions and a total reach of 5.7 million, one can only hope the campaign helped put Guatemala back on the map. 

标题The Anti-Billboards Billboard
标题 (原始语言)La valla Anti-Vallas
广告战役 Now Come to a Place without Billboard
广告主 Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT)
品牌 Guatemalan Tourism Institute

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媒体类别 户外广告
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