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636 11th Avenue
New York New York 10036
电话: (+1) 212 237 4000

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核心能力: 广告/全方位服务/整合传播, 互联网及数字媒体全服务广告公司, 移动通讯营销, 社交媒体营销, 电子商务, 搜索引擎优化, Web Design, 营销/创意服务, 购物者营销/销售点营销/销售促销, 直销/电话营销/数据库营销/客户关系管理, Experiential, 品牌内容/娱乐, 市场研究/咨询, 营销技术/分析, 公关, 媒介购买/企划, 企业传播, 人力资源/培训, 危机传播, 公共事务, 事件营销/活动赞助, 品牌/产品开发, 包装/设计, Design, 视觉/声音识别, Branding/Celebrity endorsement, 出版/印刷/定制出版, 战略与策划, 其他, 保健, 金融, 农业, 工业, 技术, 在线服务, B to B, 政治, 企业形象,公益,非盈利, 零售, 娱乐, 美容、时装、奢侈品, 旅行和旅游, 消费者, 多元文化市场营销, 种族特质, 生活方式, 年龄组别, 性别, 女性

成立年份: 1948


员工: 22950

奖项: 298

创意作品: 131

客户: 58


636 11th Avenue
New York New York 10036
电话: (+1) 212 237 4000

About Ogilvy

David Ogilvy created a culture that exemplifies the attitudes and behaviors of “divine discontent.” We believe passionately in exploring and innovating; in collaborating and sharing knowledge; in upholding respect and inclusion; in clarity and candor; and in holding ourselves accountable for everything we do. We seek to bring out the inner greatness in brands, companies and people.

We will build – and seek to transform – our clients’ brands and businesses through the most diverse, highest-quality mix of multidiscipline marketing and creative communications services, with our words infused with the shared purpose of “pervasive creativity.”

Ogilvy has helped to build some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including American Express and IBM. Ogilvy’s strength is bringing together “magic and logic” – creativity and data, storytelling and interactivity, and branding in a “long tail” world. We combine big creative thoughts with the most advanced marketing technologies available, to deliver the best marketing ROIs in the industry. Our strategic brand transformation approach has sustained or revived brands in many categories.

Ogilvy is one of the premiere marketing communications companies in the world. Guided by founder David Ogilvy’s credo “We Sell, Or Else,” the company is comprised of industry leading units in all of the following capabilities: advertising, public relations and public affairs; branding and identity; shopper and retail marketing; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing; consulting, research and analytics capabilities; branded content and entertainment; and specialist communications. 


英文, 葡萄牙文

At Ogilvy, we “Make Brands Matter.” In many cases, this means defining a new role for the brand during a pivotal point in time. If a product, service, or idea resonates with a customer, if it means something to them —in addition to being utilitarian —then the relationship will be deeper, longer lasting, and more profitable.
This is why some of the most iconic brands in the world have turned to Ogilvy. In 1948, David Ogilvy founded the agency that has since become one of the most prominent marketing communications brands in the world. David's legacy and three core pillars are something we continue to live by today:
1. 1. A focus on the quality and diversity of our people.
2. 2. A commitment to quality of service and class of operation. As he often said, “Only first- class business, and that in a first-class way.”
3. 3. A rooted belief in brands. David Ogilvy famously said, "We sell. Or else."
These cornerstone beliefs may sound simple, but they are deeply ingrained in every single Ogilvy employee, globally. 


At the heart of our work is our "Twin Peaks” philosophy, which combines compelling creativity with a culture of effectiveness that guides every project toward generating the strongest results possible from brief through execution. Today, Ogilvy is the Most Effective Agency Network, as ranked by the Effie Effectiveness Index, and the Cannes Lions Network of the Year—for six of the last eight years. 

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