Adam Lawrenson
CCO at Albion
标题I'm ADA, I can help
BriefMeed Ada, the smartest AI in healthcare. She knows the characteristics of 8,000 symptoms linked to 1,200 diseases and can answer your questions anytime of the day or night, whether you live in a big city or a rural African village, for free. Ada ushers in a new era in healthcare, where doctors and AI work together to solve problems, where access to medical advice is convenient and free, where the gap between the insured and uninsured closes.
广告战役 I'm ADA, I can help
广告主 ADA Health INC.
品牌 ADA
剧情简介 A product capable of being used by millions of diverse people around the world to support their health needs.In order to be more than just clever technology the interaction with Ada had to be like visiting a good doctor –reflecting the seriousness of your medical health, empathetic to your needs and thoroughly professional.We therefore created a living, breathing brand and product experience that reacts, responds and visually communicates with its users. Using friendly conversations, founded in medical precision, it reassures users and helps build trust.The unique UI has been crafted and tested to replicate this, while the visual ID is inspired by shapes from the human genome, using pastel colours to reflect the calm, assured tonality and subtle movement to provide a sense of responsiveness and humanising the smart AI that powers it.
问题 Ada is a market leading Artificial Intelligence diagnostic tool to help doctors accelerate diagnosis; a groundbreaking consumer healthcare proposition that places the ability to accurately assess your own medical symptoms in the palm of your hand.
媒体类别 互动
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Strategy Officer
Product Design
Design Director
Programme Director
UX Designer
Product Designer
Brand Designer
Visual Designer

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