Anrick Bregman
导演 at UNIT9
Los Angeles, 美国
标题Kingsman - The Secret Service
广告战役 Kingsman - The Secret Service
广告主 20th Century Fox
品牌 Kingsman
行业领域 电影制作
剧情简介 The Kingsman interactive site gives users the chance to meet the film’s lead characters, and navigate through a series of gamified challenges. These give users a taste of the Kingsman's world while also revealing exclusive video content - all under the guidance of the gallant lead character Harry Hart, played by Colin Firth.
Utilizing a cross-media connection between a mobile device and desktop, users can play two mission challenges within the ‘Become a Kingsman’ world, which uses video sequences inspired by key scenes in the movie. One mission is a fight scene, the other is a timed trial using Google Maps - each putting players’ skills to the test to find out if they have what it takes to be a Kingsman Knight.
A true Kingsman has immaculate class, always dresses smartly and fulfils their assignments ‘discreetly’. Users who fail to impress receive Harry Hart’s witty feedback. A “total absence of hand-eye-coordination” can be the reason for a poor performance. Others may have behaved “as discretely as a porcupine in a pillowcase” and are advised to “work on their so-called skills” before reconsidering to apply as a Kingsman Knight. 
哲学 A gamified movie trailer created in collaboration with Fox, combining film and interactivity to bring the story of 20th Century Fox’s motion picture Kingsman: The Secret Service to a browser near you. 
媒体类别 网站
Interactive Director
Head of Design
Motion Graphics

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