Bérengère Lurquin
Freelance creative producer //TV producer/ radio producer/Art Buyer at freelance
Brussels Area, Belgium, 比利时
标题Every NO Deserves Respect
广告战役 My Body, My Right
广告主 Amnesty International
品牌 Amnesty International
行业领域 机构/公益组织/非盈利组织
广告口号 No always means no
哲学 Our challenge was to get a simple message across with only a limited budget. We decided to build a large 3D NO and set it up on a busy location. Convinced that people wouldn’t respect our white statue, we waited. On the very first day, the first tag already appeared. The days after, our NO was completely vandalised with tags, obscene drawings and stickers. 10 days later we added our campaign message: (“Every NO deserves respect! Act against rape.”).
Due to the limited budget, we were looking for something strong and symbolic to make people think. The tagging and vandalising of this huge NO represented the NO that loses it’s meaning, that isn’t respected because it is ignored. On a secondary level, the white NO getting dirty represents the way rape victims feel after being raped. As a result, the white NO became so much more than simply two huge letters.
问题 Each day, 8 rapes are reported in Belgium, 25% of which are even committed by the victim’s own partner. In fact, 56% of Belgians know a victim of sexual violence. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that nobody knows about these incredibly high figures.
Our main goal was to create awareness and start a public debate about sexual violence in Belgium.
结果 It didn’t take long for the press to jump on it; we were covered by the Flemish and French TV news, radio, national and international press and a whole debate started on blogs and social media. We even reached Joëlle Milquet, Minister for Equal Opportunities, who put the topic at the top of our parliament’s agenda.
媒体类别 户外广告
Creative / Art Direction
Creative / Art Direction
Graphic Designer
Web Graphic Designer
Web Development
Creative Producer
Creative Producer

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