Bérengère Lurquin
Freelance creative producer //TV producer/ radio producer/Art Buyer at freelance
Brussels Area, Belgium, 比利时
标题Millions of doves for Mandela
广告战役 Millions of doves for Mandela
广告主 Amnesty International
品牌 Amnesty International
行业领域 人权
剧情简介 On December 15th 2013, the day of Mandela’s funeral, Amnesty wanted to honour the man who dedicated his life to human rights. The film illustrates how the entire world cares about human rights: 16 million tweets honouring Mandela were sent out. 
We turned these 16 million Twitter birds into a giant flock of virtual doves and set them free as a symbol of hope to thank Amnesty’s volunteers whom, like Mandela, dedicate every day to protecting human rights, and to encourage them to keep it up.
Rest in peace Mandela; Amnesty’s volunteers will continue your fight for human rights.
哲学 Amnesty wanted to encourage and request the support of everyone who, like Nelson Mandela, dedicate themselves to the protection of human rights.
Amnesty transformed these 16 million Twitter birds into the very first virtual flock of doves, setting them free to illustrate how, all around the world, men and women defend human rights.
媒体类别 案例研究
Graphic Designer
Creative Producer

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