Hubert Stadnicki
创意总监 at BARDZO
Warsaw, 波兰
标题English for beginners
BriefWe meet an older Polish man who has clearly decided to make a great effort to learn English. We follow him throughout his life as he practices using a book he's ordered online, some tapes and sticky labels. Shortly after, he takes a plane to England. He arrives at his son's home, where he is introduced to a shy little girl. "Hi," he says. "I am your grandpa." And you? What are you looking for? Order it online from Allegro. This touching tale depicts an older Polish man who makes a great effort to learn English, using a system he's ordered online via Allegro. At the every end, we realise that his goal was to communicate with his new granddaughter in London. "Hi," he says, when he meets her. "I'm your grandpa." With a few clicks of his mouse and a confident nod to his Jack Russell, an elderly man orders English for Beginners online. Soon, Post-It notes are strewn about his house as he labels everything in English, right down to the dog. “I am, you are…” he practices. Later, a suitcase comes in the mail. He packs and takes a flight to the UK, where he joins his son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. A timid little girl appears. “Hi," he tells her. "I am your grandpa.” Hearts melt.
广告战役 English
广告主 Allegro
品牌 Allegro
行业领域 在线零售、网上商店
剧情简介 A story of an older man who makes an effort to learn English in order to be able to communicate with his granddaughter who lives in England.
Our ad refers to many Poles’ lives as many people have recently left the country to look for jobs. Many of them left for Great Britain and their families split. Some of the emigrants started their families there.
结果 Our film appeared to be the most discussed commercial in history of polish advertising and possibly one of the most famous spots in the world. Word of mouth made it famous. People were sending it to each other and discussing it online. It had enormous number of shares and likes on FB (1.1 mln views, almost 14 thousands of shares and 1.7 thousand comments on Allegro profile on FB)
It had 14 000 000 views on Allegro's YT channel and many more views in other sites.
On Youtube ads leaderboard in 2016 it was 9th in Europe and number 1 in Poland.Ads of The World described it as one of the most popular campaigns in 2016 in the world.
媒体类别 Web Film
Copywriter / Art Director
Copywriter / Art Director
Director of Film Production
Graphic Designer

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