Gerson Guerrero
Digital Executive at MediaCom Latin America
Buenos Aires, 阿根廷
标题Road Intelligence - Colombia 2012
广告战役 Inteligencia Vial
广告主 Corporación Fondo de Prevención Vial
品牌 Inteligencia Vial
Posted7月 2013
行业领域 其他
剧情简介 We found out that the biggest problem of the road safety are people excuses, they always justify their bad behavior with them. So we needed to find the way to allow us to get people to stop the excuses. 
问题 In Colombia more than 5,000 people die each year in traffic accidents and is also leaving more than 39,000 serious injuries, we needed to stop people justify their bad behavior on roads and pledged to use road intelligence. 
结果 All over the Country we had brigades on the streets that carried mailboxes where people deposited their excuse. We visited places that where crowded, we had virtual mailbox on the website where the people left the excuse and then got a symbol of their commitment.
The commitment and the power of the symbol was so strong that people made it part of their daily lives. 
77.3% of those who made the exchange declare that the campaign made them change their behavior on the roads and 94% reported that they have change attitude. We have joined more than 35 companies and National Police Department has been involved too. So far, we have over 4 million excuses taken. 
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Account Director
Account Executive
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Strategic Director
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