Viton Araùjo
Creative Director at FCB Lisbon
Lisboa, 葡萄牙
广告战役 Don't text and drive.
广告主 ACAM Drivers Safety Association
品牌 ACAM Drivers Safety Association
行业领域 消费者及公共服务
广告口号 Don't text and Moonwalk. Don't text and drive.
剧情简介 The campaign was created to create awareness about texting while driving. The communications takes irony and exaggeration instead of the traditional tragic and violent approach. 
哲学 Texting whilhe driving increases by 800% the chances of getting involved in an accident. And that's why ACAM Drivers Safety Association took a step ahead and using humour, irony and exaggeration approved a campaign that made Portugal take a minute to think. 
问题 Portugal is one of the countries where people text and drive the most and the usual tragic/violent campaigns against texting while driving has no effect. 
结果 The posters and social media shares generated a big buzz around the problem reaching much more people that a single poster could be able to. 
媒体类别 杂志

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