Craig Inglis
广告经理 at Waitrose & Partners and John Lewis & Partners
London, 英国
标题Moz The Monster
广告战役 #MozTheMonster
广告主 John Lewis
品牌 John Lewis
行业领域 百货公司、超市
剧情简介 the two minute advert tells a heartwarming story of a little boy called Joe, who is kept awake by a 7ft imaginary Monster called Moz who is living under his bed. The two form a friendship and play together every evening, but staying awake through The night starts to take its toll on Joe, who can hardly keep his eyes open during the day. For Christmas, Joe receives the perfect gift of a night light which helps him finally get some peace and quiet from Moz, and a good night’s sleep. Just as you think the ad has come to a close, Joe turns the light back off and hears the familiar rumblings of his friend and is reminded that he can bring Moz back any time he thinks of him.
媒体类别 电视
Soundtrack Golden Slumbers
MUSIC Artist

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