Ben Chan
数字设计 at Psyop New York
Berlin, 德国
标题Universal Sans
广告战役 Universal Sans
广告主 Family Type
品牌 Family Type
Posted7月 2020
行业领域 包装与设计
哲学 Universal Sans is a variable typeface that allows for an extensive range of customisation and unique variations. The typeface seeks to connect the related yet diverse styles of sans serif, building on pioneering typefaces with similar intent throughout the 20th century, while innovating for the 21st century with a unique form and function enabled by the use of new technology and automation. The result is a highly variable typeface that provides far greater flexibility and control to the end user and makes customised type available to a wider audience.
媒体类别 Packaging, Branding & Design
Type Design
Digital studio

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