Carbon Films Clients

A film company with creativity at the centre, designed to produce great work.
Carbon Films is a director focussed film production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We produce commercials for both local and international advertising agencies and clients. 

Net#work BBDO 电视制作
FCB Cape Town 电视制作
Nissan Motor Corp. , Micra 小型车 2017
1Life Insurance , Insurance 保险 2019
FOXP2 Advertising 广告公司 2009
FCB Cape Town 广告公司 2010
Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada 广告公司 2010
Volkswagen , Amarok 卡车,皮卡车 2016
Volkswagen , Golf R 中型车 2015
Distell Group Limited , Nederburg 葡萄酒,香槟 2015
LeBraussie James 电视制作
TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris 电视制作
FOXP2 Advertising 电视制作