LCA Productions

Escazu, 哥斯达黎加
标题Rediscover the Joy of the Kitchen
广告战役 Rediscover the Joy of the Kitchen
广告主 IKEA
品牌 Ikea
行业领域 杂货店、专卖店
剧情简介 With hungry mouths to feed and not enough time in the day, cooking can sometimes feel like a chore. But at IKEA we know that fun is the one ingredient needed to turn everyday cooking into something we look forward to. When it works properly the kitchen is a wonderful place to spend time. It’s a social hub for friends and family. A place to play. A place to unwind. A place to create and enjoy.
In this advert we follow a group of curious monkeys as they discover something extraordinary in the middle of their jungle home. A playground like nothing they've seen before. Things pop, slide, turn and spin. They explore drawers and cupboards, each filled with surprises just for them. It doesn’t take long for their curiosity to turn into utter delight, reminding us all what a wonderful place the kitchen can be. 
媒体类别 影视
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