Platige Image Awards

Machinery Special Effects - Music Video 1998
Biografilm Festival Honourable Mention for LifeTales Award ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE 2018
GOYA Awards Best Animated Film ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE 2019
Anima Mundi Best Feature Film ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE 2019
Cíclope International Advertising Craft Festival Bronze Post-Production - Animation Metro Exodus 2019
Animago Awards Best Game Cinematic Metro Exodus 2019
Art Directors Club of Europe Gold Any Other Academy of Fine Arts 2009
EFFIE Poland Silver Pro Bono Campaign Alivia 2014
PromaxBDA Gold Best Graphic Design or Animation Promo BBC 2014
PromaxBDA Gold Best Script or Copy BBC 2014
BAFTA Award Best in Television Craft Television Craft / Titles in 2015 BBC 2015
KTR Polish Advertising Festival Silver Craft Film/ Radio - Director BBC 2014
KTR Polish Advertising Festival Bronze Video Director for Sebastian Panczyk Carrefour 2016
CLIO Awards Silver Film Technique/Animation CYBERPUNK 2077 2013
FITC Award People Choice People Choice CYBERPUNK 2077 2013