STOKED and Huge Host Internship for Students to Launch Real Products

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For the third year in a row, Huge partnered with STOKED to continue its work to help close the gap of students who are at risk of not graduating high school in New York City. STOKED, an incredible youth non-profit organization that empowers a community of fearless students through mentoring, opportunity, and action, helps underserved youth reach their fullest potential, instilling passion, resilience and determination and has an impressive 100% graduation rate so far.


For this year’s partnership, Huge partnered with local NYC schools (i.e., Hudson High School, High School of Fashion, Gotham High School, East Side Community High School, Brooklyn Latin School, and Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders.) over the course of 9 months to teach students the basic principles of design thinking. Through design thinking, Huge has been able to connect with students in NYC in a new and meaningful way that increases their chances of getting scholarships for college. At the end of each school year, one lucky team is awarded an internship week at Huge to build out their ideas. 


This year’s winner from Hudson High School created SAUCE, a classroom game that combines trivia and hot sauce to increase understanding and empathy across generations to build a more conducive learning environment.


For background, every school chose a problem they wanted to solve and Huge mentors hosted workshops at our agency in Dumbo, as well as visited the schools on a monthly basis for working sessions with the students. Each team had an executive sponsor at Huge, such as this year’s winning team, lead by Director of Creative Services Sarah Kim, Associate Program Director Kristin Koonmen, and Researcher Diane Mun. 


Out of these workshops and sessions, the students researched the problem, developed insights, prototyped a solution, and created their own brand to tackle their problem.


This year’s winners from Hudson, student research showed that energy for learning came from food, games, and friendships - not from grades and test scores. With these motivating factors in mind, SAUCE emerged. Using spicy questions, challenges, and heat, SAUCE eliminates the power struggle between students and teachers and establishes a more quality learning environment for the insta age. By inciting interesting conversation, and fun consequences, the barriers between our identities and our labels breakdown, leaving an opportunity for connection that has long been overlooked in the school system. 


Visually, they wanted everything to be super drippy. Like a messy sauce, splattering the system, spicing up life. Red and yellow because they feel edible and can represent anger and happiness. 


A kickstarter will launch in 2020 to further promote this initiative and to make the game Sauce available to a wider audience. 



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