Paola Aldaz Is the New Chief Innovation Officer at DDB Colombia Group

Innovation for Business, Growth Marketing Hacking, and Total Strategy will be the new development pillars for the Group’s new iteration.

DDB Group announces the arrival of the Argentinean, Paola Aldaz, as DDB Colombia Group’s Chief Innovation Officer, which will complete a great team of talented, passionate, hard-working and humane people with the will to continue building, learning and leaving an imprint, and contributing to the growth of our client’s business.


“Our business is becoming more demanding every time which -added to The New Normal that’s configuring a new context for competitiveness, and our client’s growth- makes the challenge even greater. Paola is -without a doubt- the ideal person to help us continue with the industry’s transformation, speak our client’s corporate language, and build a new Innovation and Creativity Business Model for a new agency perspective with a focus on Product Development, Service and Experiences. We are very excited about her arrival”, commented Borja de la Plaza, President & CEO of DDB Colombia Group.


Paola Aldaz arrives to Doyle Dane Bernbach after a long list of success at Visa, Andersen Consulting, Boston Consulting Group, The Walt Disney Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Mastercard, and in her last phase as an entrepreneur at Propelland, serving at regional and local Marketing & IMC positions, Innovation, New Businesses, and Market Development, among others. Additionally, she’s a university professor of Innovation and Creativity. She has published several articles and is the author of a book called Brand Exponential. Also, she’s a keynote speaker for several forums and has been an EFFIE and Cannes Lions’ juror.


“I’ve always believed in the advertisement industry’s transformation vision; because traditional advertisement -as we know it- isn’t enough to remain relevant, useful or memorable in people’s lives, or to generate sustainable growth for businesses. With DDB’s non-conforming and ambitious culture, added to the contribution of innovation as a creative methodology and discipline focused on product development, services, and physical and digital experiences, I have no doubt that we’ll have a model that will significantly contribute to our client’s business growth”, adds Paola Aldaz.


John Raúl Forero -DDB’s President & Chief Creative Officer- commented about the brilliant signing, “When I arrived to DDB, one of the challenges we faced was to transform the agency into a Communications and Business Creative Partner where Innovation would have a key role within the agency’s added value offering. This is why we always kept Paola in mind -a top professional within the Latin-American industry- to move the agency towards that point. A few years ago, Paola and I did some great work for Coca-Cola, developing Innovation projects that turned into successful Business Models that were applied in over 180 countries around the world. This is why the arrival of Paola to DDB Group is a huge step into our constant reinvention process.”

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