Yell Bangkok believes in quality over quantity when looking for new growth opportunities

CEO and CCO at Yell Bangkok, Dissara Udomdej talks us through what works for Yell in today's marketing economy

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Yell Bangkok
Bangkok, 泰国
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Dissara Udomdej
CEO/CCO Yell Advertising

Sometimes the best opportunities for growth lie in the investments that one has already made. In our chat about growth and new business, Dissara Udomdej (Ohm), Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer at Yell Bangkok, proves that it's prudent to focus on the right opportunities for your company rather than jumping on every trend and how AI can streamline the creative process.


When searching for growth opportunities, how do you determine what is the right fit for the agency?

Our goal is to provide creative services in China and ASEAN. Since creative services and production in Thailand are well-known in the advertising world, we can export them to other countries at very competitive prices.


What does exponential growth look like for your agency? For example, project work vs AOR pitches, geographic, interdisciplinary, etc.

We are very interested in project work since our mission is to provide the best solutions to our clients when they come to us with problems. In the digital age, I think that AOR will soon be replaced by an in-house team. We live and work in a very complicated world now. I believe in our mission, which can grow with our management system and creative approaches to business problems.


What are the key challenges and / or opportunities for brands in todays marketing economy?

Brands need to slow down and think again about the MarTech and AdTech investments they have already made. It's the future, but they need to make sure it would be right for them and not just jump in because of FOMO.

I think the hardest part is finding the recipes that work for your organization. It's better to do the right things than to do a lot of things.


Given the uncertainty of the past couple of years, are there any trend predictions you have about where the ad and media industries are headed?

Chat GPT and Midjourney are proof of this. Finally, the arrival of AI technology will make it easier for marketers and admen to gather ideas and reduce the time and cost of the creation process. With fewer employees, we can create more ad material options and expand our media options on a larger scale. The assistance from AI allows us to improve performance and efficiency. I think this is the major trend that we can learn from and run with.