The Mile High City: LRXD's Creative Director Jamie Reedy

Denver is a natural magnet for talent. We don’t have to sell people on why they should come to our agency.

Jamie Reedy
Creative Director LRXD

Tell us a bit about yourself and your current role.

My name is Jamie Reedy and I’m a creative director at LRXD, a health and happiness advertising agency in Denver. I’ve been working here for 14 years and was born and raised in Colorado — a rare native.


How would you describe the culture of Denver? 

The best word for it is probably genuine. People here don’t feel like they have to build an elaborate façade to prove they’re worthy of attention. They’re true to who they are and that makes it a very authentic place, whether at work or when you’re out playing.


In what ways does the city of Denver inspire you? 

Growing up here you realize just how far it’s come, especially in the last five years. It was sleepy, now it’s alive. What inspires me is all the creative experimentation taking place — art going on the walls of buildings, progressive restaurant and bar concepts, immersive experiences and performances, music. Less and less do you have to travel elsewhere to find that big-city vibe. And when you’re sick of it, you can just go to the mountains for an entirely new perspective.


What do you think Denver can offer to young talents and industry leaders that differentiates from other cities?

An appreciation and belief in work-life balance. We always say you have to go live and experience the world to find the ideas. They’re not inside our building. When that’s your take — and it is for a lot of agencies here — your talent stays fresh and ready to attack every day. Burnout is minimized, which is clearly a troublesome industry trend. 


What would you say is the most unique aspect Denver offers agencies? 

Denver is a natural magnet for talent. We don’t have to sell people on why they should come to our agency. There are also endless clients already established or setting up here. The economy always seems to be flying.


What is your favorite hidden-gem in Denver? 

It’s not all that secret, but Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers a very rare experience you can only get here. It’s a naturally-formed amphitheatre composed of red rocks that took more than 200 million years to form. All the best musicians consider it the pinnacle of their tour — so you get their maximum awesomeness, plus acoustics to match. It makes for pretty memorable summer nights.


If you could change something about Denver, what would it be? 

I think the secret’s out about this place in too many circles. While we love and welcome the influx of great talent, it’s getting crowded. I’m hoping a cold, snowy winter this year gets people second-guessing their move.