Orange Cyberdefense attacks a problem with humour

Florian Roussel and Guillaume Blanc, creative directors at Havas Paris, respond to our questions about this unusual campaign.

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Cyberattacks are on the rise and can have devasting consequences – especially for small and medium-sized businesses, 60% of which never recover and go out of business 6 months later. In this context, the work of Orange Cyberdefense, the European leader in security services, is increasingly vital. To communicate the importance of cyber security, Orange Cyberdefense has launched an advertising campaign targeting business leaders, and particularly Chief Information Security Officers. It uses a touch of the absurd to show that not all human approaches are equal. 



  • What was the brief for the campaign?

To help Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) raise awareness among company leaders about the constant threat of cybercrime.


  • You used quirky commercials and humor to address a serious topic for businesses. How did you come with the idea and how did you persuade the client to agree?

Humor is the best way to deal with anxiety-provoking topics and get people to act, instead of scaring and blocking them. On this basis, we came to the client with “cyber self-defense” which is, beyond the pun, a kind of crossover between The Office and a martial art tutorial.


  • The cast and director contribute a lot to the tone of the campaign. How did you find them?

The films were made by Big Red Button, a directing duo from England, who were proposed by our TV producer. As it’s an international campaign, the directors were able to cast English actors who perfectly recreated The Office style of humor.


  • How will you spread the message? What are the next steps?

In order to reach business leaders – and the business world in general – the campaign is being broadcast on Linkedin. Like every other “series”, we hope it will have a second season! 



Guillaume Blanc
Creative Director Havas Paris, Puteaux


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