标题You Don't Know The Half Of It
广告战役 You Don't Know The Half Of It
广告主 The Harris Project
品牌 The Harris Project

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Havas New York is the flagship creative agency in North America. Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, brands, and lives of the people we work with. Nearly a decade ago, Havas created what we call our Village model—bringing full service capabilities together under one mission, one process, and most importantly, one P&L.
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Latest News


The Brands latest take on its Effie award-winning "When It's On, It's On" campaign with creative partner Havas New York

Mike's Amazing, a Chefler Foods condiment brand, announces its latest edition of the "When It's On, It's On" campaign. This time, they've enlisted award-winning actor Jason Alexander in a series of commercials.

The campaign continues to "right the wrongs" when it comes to food faux pas and shows Alexander in a diner calling out poor food choices (who orders tilapia at a diner?) and public displays of affection.  In a nod to his expansive character acting career, Alexander plays eight different characters, including a teenage girl, a line order cook, a woman on date, and, of course, himself.

"I loved that Mike's Amazing came up with the idea of me portraying all the extraordinary types of people that inhabited my neighborhood diner growing up," said Alexander. "It was a day of nostalgia for me, nibbling some pretty great sandwiches with a bunch of wonderful creatives and crew. Congrats to everybody for pulling it off."

Founded in 2016, the Mike's Amazing brand is the fastest-growing condiments brand in the Northeast; and well known amongst sports fanatics for being the official mayonnaise, mustard and vegetable oil of the Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Devils, Phillies, Flyers, Red Sox and Bruins. The brand's embodiment of the spirit of competition and strong sense of pride in its products became the base and inspiration for the tone of the creative campaign.

"We're passionate and unrelenting about being the best," said Michael Leffler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mike's Amazing/Chefler Foods LLC. "If you're going to go up against 100-year-old Goliaths in the industry, your products have to stand up, and your creative has to stand out."

This is the second installment of the brand's Effie award-winning "When It's, On Its On" campaign which was conceived in collaboration with creative agency of record Havas New York. Talent procurement was handled by Official Partner on behalf of the brand.

"With Mike's Amazing being a challenger brand in the condiments space, the campaign works to elevate our brand presence and shake up the industry by showing the brand's unapologetic attitude," said Michael Kurland, Chief Financial Officer, of Mike's Amazing/Chefler Foods LLC.

"The Northeast diner is an iconic establishment, filled with unwritten rules and opinionated customers," said Dan Lucey, co-CEO and CCO, Havas New York. "Their love for their food isn't about status or class; it's simply about being the best—a passion that radiates through the entire Mike's Amazing brand."

The new campaign will launch on May 25 on broadcast, connected TV, and other digital channels, and includes two spots, the aforementioned "Tilapia," and "Diner Date."

The Mike's Amazing brand of mayonnaises, vegetable oils, mustards and salad dressings reflect the obsessive pursuit of perfection of food industry veteran and Chefler Foods founder, Michael Leffler. Chefler Foods was established in 2016 with the vision of serving as a purveyor of top-quality products at affordable prices to both consumers and the food service industry. Drawing from decades of manufacturing and packaging experience and utilizing a global network of resources, Chefler provides a vertically integrated state-of-the-art facility located in Saddle Brook, NJ, and is passionately committed to their customers — delivering only the highest quality products with a level of personal service unmatched in the marketplace. Learn more at MikesAmazingFoods.com. 

Havas New York is one of 60+ full-service Villages and the North American flagship agency of Havas Creative Network, a powerful network of creative agencies with the most modern capabilities and talented people in the business. At Havas New York, we are a creative company with soul, breaking tradition in our category to help progressive marketers speak the modern language of advertising through culture, design, and technology—creating better, more meaningful brand experiences. Creatives are creators who deliver work designed to raise consciousness and inspire conversation in the real world, not the advertising space. Learn more at our website, ny.havas.com.