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110-20 71st Road
Forest Hills NY 11375
电话: (+1) (718) 997-6463

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Avidan Strategies LLC

110-20 71st Road
Forest Hills NY 11375
电话: (+1) (718) 997-6463
Avi Dan

Avi Dan

Founder and President

电话: (+1) 718.997.6463

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About Avidan Strategies LLC

We are experts in all aspects of client-agency relationships. We develop marketing strategy and brand positioning, using quantitative and qualitative research tools, and technology driven platforms. We work with agencies and marketers to design a more efficient process, and speed up cycle time. We assist clients with agency search and selection, and develop compensation arrangements that encourage collaboration and integration. Our approach is objective, audit based, collaborative and consensus building. 


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Avidan Strategy is the only marketing consultancy headed by a former head of a global agency and who also set on two boards of two of the biggest global agencies. As such our perspective is unrivaled. We are also the only consulting firm that offers client-side and digital expertise, innovation and product launch expertise, agency compensation expertise, and procurement expertise. This gives our clients the most rounded and most sophisticated offering. 

Are all consultants the same?

  • Avi Dan is the only consultant invited to join the VCU Brandcenter, the first, and most prestigious ad school
  • Avi Dan is the only consultant invited to be a judge at the prestigious Effie awards
  • Avi Dan is the only consultant invited by Forbes to pen a regular blog about agencies. 
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