Stabbing Victim Returns As Virtual Legend

A foundation combating violence against young people revives a football prodigy who lost his life at 15.

出自 Maud Largeaud , AdForum

Kiyan Prince is the global soccer star you’ve never seen play live. That’s because, although Kiyan was signed by the UK’s Queens Park Rangers team when he was still a teenager, he was stabbed and killed by another youth in 2006. Following his death, a foundation was created to combat all forms of violence involving young people. In 2021, 15 years after his passing, the foundation brought Kiyan Prince back to life – with incredible realism – as a playable member of the QPR team in the ultra-popular FIFA 21 video game. ENGINE Creative worked with Framestore to conjure a 30-year-old Kiyan into being. Kiyan’s likeness also appeared as a collectible playing card and his avatar was sponsored by major brands, with proceeds going to the Kiyan Prince Foundation. Long live the prince of football.