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Via San Vito 7
Milan 20123
电话: (+39) 02 67 443 270

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Havas Milan

Via San Vito 7
Milan 20123
电话: (+39) 02 67 443 270

About Havas Milan

At Havas, we believe that companies have a key role to play in solving the biggest challenges our world faces today – and every day we strive to operate responsibly for ourselves and our stakeholders.

We’ve set a company goal to become B Corp as a Group within the next 2 years and the mission of Havas Impact+, our sustainability programme, has long been to encourage our agencies to harness the power of creative ideas through action and communication to bring about positive change in society and help our clients become a force for good.

Havas Group is organised into 3 business units: Havas Creative Group, Havas Media Group and Havas Health & You.

The creative business unit is made up of the Havas Creative global network, our dedicated customer experience network Havas CX, the Havas Edge global performance marketing network, BETC Group, and AMO – an international network of strategic communications consultancies. The unit also encompasses many of the industry’s most creative and accomplished agencies, including Arnold, Buzzman, Camp + King, Conran Design Group, Host Havas, Battery, ROSA PARIS, Gate One, W&Cie and BLKJ Havas.

With more than 9,000 employees across 150 countries, Havas Media Group (HMG) consists of two global networks: Havas Media and Arena Media. Its role at Havas is to create the best media experience, capitalising upon the most meaningful media to build more meaningful brands. By understanding the media channels and moments that are most meaningful, HMG helps brands reach the most engaged audiences and move consumers to action.

Driven by human purpose and focused on the betterment of humanity through health, Havas Health & You leverages a global collection of experts and individuals to positively impact patient lives. With over 6,000 leading experts in more than 70 countries, the global network’s core entities include Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Havas Lynx, Red Havas, HHCX, and dozens of speciality companies around the world. 



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Associazione Aziende di Comunicazione (Associazione Aziende di Comunica)
Art Directors Club Italiano (ADCI)
Associazione Italiana Pubblicitari Professionisti (TP)