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48-50 St John Street
London EC1M 4DG
电话: (+44) 20 7490 3449

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核心能力: 社交媒体营销, 搜索引擎优化, Experiential, 品牌内容/娱乐, 事件营销/活动赞助, 战略与策划

成立年份: 2008


48-50 St John Street
London EC1M 4DG
电话: (+44) 20 7490 3449

About PrettyGreen

An Entertainment, Sport and Lifestyle Agency.

Driving Brand Fame, via PR, Experiential and Content for the likes of Nando's, John Lewis, Under Armour, LEGO, Nintendo, Triumph, Pandora, Maximuscle, Netflix, NBC, Virgin Media, UKTV.

Above the line, below the line, we’re not even sure there is a line anymore, we’re just an independent agency with a world-class team of creative marketing & media specialists, helping drive brand fame.

Our focus is getting people engaged and talking about your brand, delivering clear commercial returns. The PrettyGreen Contentment Model sits at the heart of what we do. We take your brief and via PrettyBlack & White (our Strategic Planning function), drill into your objectives, look at your audience insights, analyse your data, look at your influencers and maybe even use Grapevine or our Media Panel to test our ideas.

This ensures that we have a clear strategic direction, creative proposition and messaging hierarchy, binding our creative output together.

We’re not bound by conventions as to how we construct a campaign, but we’ll always provide strategic counsel as well as coming up with an idea or two.

That might mean we create a stunt, a film, an interview, a consumer experience, a press trip, a party, an app, a tweet, a celebrity, a game, a brand partnership, a promotion, a research study, a film, a press release, a festival, an event… the list is endless. But getting people talking and the media writing is always key to what we do. 



Branded content is here to stay, but the strategy that brands have around the role that their content plays for their audience has to become more considered and pointed to enable cut through and consideration in a crowded world.

Where once the strategy du jour was to ‘distract and disrupt’, to burst onto the scene and lure consumers into the brands world; nowadays the brands people connect with do the opposite. Successful modern brands find a role which enhances the lives consumers are already living.

We call this ‘brand as a servant’ 

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