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A Global Creative & Content Agency

A unique global agency that seamlessly weaves together insights, ideas, and implementation to better serve the challenges of today’s Brands 

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A Global Creative & Content Agency with an Indian Heart.

Marketers today are under increasing pressure for both innovative and cost-effective solutions to cut-through the fragmented, competitive, and complex media landscape.

Madras Brand Solutions is uniquely positioned to help these clients react to the changing marketing demands, by creating integrated and innovative multi-platform brand experiences AND cost-efficiently executing via our global network – the combination of which does not exist in the marketplace under an independent offering.

In other words, 2adpro helps clients identify strategic insights and develop creative solutions in our near-shore hubs of London and New York, then cost-effectively executes them via our off-shore content and production teams in Bangalore and Chennai.

Madras Brand Solutions is a division of Ad2pro Media Solutions which is an indian-based global marketing service company that develops and delivers strategic creative, low-cost
implementation and technology solutions to the world’s leading brands and media companies.

Building on the foundation of 1100+ skilled content and production technicians in India, as well as the 2015 acquisition of Somewhat, a high-end digital strategic and creative boutique in London, Madras continues to add world-class talent in all our offices, starting with New York-based creative leadership and continuing to bolster our digital execution resources in Chennai.

In Fall of 2016 we will be unveiling our new Brand name, Madras, a Global Creative and Content Agency, which reflects this new positioning in the marketplace and firmly establishes us as a unique global player in the marketing landscape, with the promise of innovation, responsiveness, value and capacity.

Madras combines strategic insights and creative innovation to develop customer experiences across multiple channels including in-store, online, mobile and social.

With a multidisciplinary team that includes strategists, designers and creative technologists, Madras has devised interactive experiences for some of the world's most iconic brands, including the Macys, Lenovo, BBC, Tesco, Clarks, French Connection and Manolo Blahnik. 


Fred  Schuster

Fred Schuster

Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Ladden

Andrew Ladden

Chief Creative Officer
Bill Davaris

Bill Davaris

Chief Creative Officer
Mark Cerame

Mark Cerame

Head of Strategy
Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews

Managing Director
Craig  McDonald

Craig McDonald

Technical Director
Sathish Bhaskaran

Sathish Bhaskaran

Design Director, Chennai
Arianna Salcedo

Arianna Salcedo

Client Services Director, US
Esther Gibbons

Esther Gibbons

Client Services Director, UK

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