INNOCEAN Worldwide USA Clients

INNOCEAN is an agency that develops creative driven by insights, not by instinct. This shift came from a need to be in greater sync with our clients on the work they are doing internally to digitally transform their business, and harness that data to deliver creative ideas that will inform and help... 阅读更多

Alpina Foods Alpina 食品 互动, 2013
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Berkshire Hathaway 房地产 , 2013
Federal Mogul Champion 汽车配件与服务 电视, 互动, 平面, , , 2015 - 2017
Footjoy FJ 服装、时装和鞋类 影视, 互动, 平面, 户外广告 2011 - 2014
Genesis Motor America Genesis 轿车 电视, 互动, 平面, , 促销与事件, 媒介计划, 2016
Hankook Tire Hankook Tire 汽车配件与服务 影视, 互动, 平面, , 促销与事件, 户外广告, 广播, 媒介购买与计划, 2015
Hyundai Motor Group Hyundai 汽车 影视, 互动, 平面, , 促销与事件, 户外广告, 广播, 媒介购买与计划, , 2010
Hyundai Dealer Associations Hyundai Dealer Associations 汽车经销商 影视, 互动, 平面, , 户外广告, 媒介计划, 2010
Kia Motors Kia 汽车 促销与事件, 媒介计划 2010
Kia Marketing Group Kia Marketing Group 汽车经销商 媒介计划 2009
Kirby Allison's Hanger Project Kirby Allison's Hanger Project 2014
NRG Energy NRG & Relient 其他 影视, 互动, 平面, , 促销与事件, 户外广告, 公关 2014 - 2016
TaylorMade/adidas Golf TaylorMade 其他 电视, 互动, 平面, 促销与事件, 户外广告 2016 - 2017