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20 Rosebery Avenue London
London London EC1R 4SX
电话: (+44) 20 7684 8444

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成立年份: 2008

员工: 155

奖项: 1

创意作品: 2


20 Rosebery Avenue London
London London EC1R 4SX
电话: (+44) 20 7684 8444
Bill Brock

Bill Brock

Founding Partner

About AnalogFolk

We use digital to make the analog world better 

Digital technology is the most disruptive force the world has ever seen. It has the power to connect everything and enable the most magical experiences. Unfortunately, it can also create unforeseen problems and make life worse.

You see, technology itself is neither good nor bad. It’s how we use it that really matters.

So, as brands, we have a choice to push people away or pull them toward us. Interrupt them with brand spam or create marketing that helps them achieve things. Expect them to endure complex journeys or design around their needs. Play fast and loose with their data or use it to their benefit.

Our purpose is to help brands use digital technology in ways that make the analog world better. 


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