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100 Avenue of the Americas
New York New York 10013
电话: (+1) 212 824 2000

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核心能力: 广告/全方位服务/整合传播, 互联网及数字媒体全服务广告公司, 社交媒体营销, 营销/创意服务, 购物者营销/销售点营销/销售促销, 直销/电话营销/数据库营销/客户关系管理, 市场研究/咨询, 事件营销/活动赞助, 品牌/产品开发, 包装/设计, 战略与策划, 金融, 在线服务, B to B, 娱乐, 美容、时装、奢侈品, 旅行和旅游, 多元文化

成立年份: 1997


奖项: 11

客户: 8

Berlin Cameron

100 Avenue of the Americas
New York New York 10013
电话: (+1) 212 824 2000

Ewen Cameron


电话: (+1) 212.824.2000

Daniel Wadia

Managing Partner

电话: (+1) 9172541062

About Berlin Cameron

At Berlin Cameron United, we seek to create “brand culture” not ads. We do this by finding the passionate core of a brand and igniting it with fresh thinking and relevant insight from contemporary culture. Brand culture connects with consumers through patterns of symbols, beliefs, actions and values that speak the language of the brand and act as a magnet to consumers. In today’s fragmented media landscape, creating brand culture is a potent and cost-efficient way to reach one’s target audience because it invites people to engage with the brand in an active way. In short, brand culture creates “conversations” not just impressions.;Our strength is that we believe that “Big Needs Small.” Big problems are best solved with big ideas from a small group of senior thinkers. We have always stayed lean. We don’t believe in going man to man in the boardroom. It’s not effective. When we work with a client, we send in our best, not our many. We think it’s refreshing and productive for clients, it makes things more exciting for the people who work here. It has created a culture of empowerment which we have successfully applied to clients.


英文, 法文, 希伯来文, 西班牙文
"Nothing great is ever achieved without passion," Hegel. Above any process, we believe that this thought is unassailable. Passion means that we don’t pitch for business if we can’t get excited about it, and we don’t husband relationships past their "sell by date." With that said, we also believe that passion is a guiding principle of process. In today's world, the game is to not only to heighten people’s awareness, or even interest in a brand, but also to create a passionate relationship between the brand and its consumer. One consumer who cares enough about your brand to recommend it to another is worth 100 consumers who are simply aware of it. Our job is to foster this passionate relationship.
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