Team One Clients

Team One is Publicis Groupe's fully integrated advertising, digital and media agency dedicated to helping premium brands thrive in the modern media landscape. Team One has five North American offices, including its Los Angeles headquarters, Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Team One clients include Lexus, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Expedia,... 阅读更多

Cable One Cable One 广告与传播 2018
Cathay Pacific Airways Cathay Pacific 媒体、出版物及制作
Expedia, Inc. Expedia 2018
HSBC HSBC Premier 互动, 平面, 直邮, 2016
Jacuzzi Inc. Jacuzzi 广告与传播
PIMCO PIMCO 银行、金融、法律和保险 平面, , 媒介购买与计划, 2015
Marriott International Projects for Marriott Portfolio, including Autograph, Edition, Marriott Hotels & Resorts 酒店、住宿 互动, ,
Lexus Lexus 汽车 影视, 广播, 平面, 户外广告, 互动, , , , 促销与事件, 公关, 媒介购买与计划 1987
Lexus Lexus Dealer Association 汽车 影视, 广播, 平面, 户外广告, 互动, , , , 促销与事件, 公关, 媒介购买与计划 1989
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hotels/Luxury Hotels 酒店、住宿 影视, 广播, 平面, 户外广告, , 媒介购买与计划