Sterling-Rice Group Clients

Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) is a consultancy and full-service advertising agency that drives growth through the entire product cycle: Insights, Innovation, and Activation.

At our core, we are solutionists, people who love solving problems. As a full-service agency and world-renowned consultancy in one, we are uniquely positioned to... 阅读更多

Almond Board of California Almond Board of California 坚果及干果 电视, 互动, 网站 , 社交媒体, 平面, 标识, 户外广告, 媒介购买与计划, , 1996
American Wool Council American Wool 布料 标识, , , 其他
General Mills Annie's 冷冻食品 , ,
Johnson & Johnson Aveeno 润肤霜,润肤露,润肤乳,爽肤水,卸妆水 , 其他
Avocados from Mexico Avocados From Mexico, Foodservice 鲜菜及水果 互动, 互联网广告/横幅, 平面, , 促销与事件, 公关, 媒介购买与计划, , 其他 2015
Sigma Alimentos Bar-S 鲜肉,香肠 电视, 互联网广告/横幅, , Flash动画, 手机广告, 社交媒体, 杂志, 事件, 媒介购买, 媒介计划,
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Bright Vines Bright Vines, Grapes 鲜菜及水果 标识, , , , 其他, 案例研究
Children's Hospital of Colorado Children's Hospital of Colorado 医院、医疗机构和医疗服务 电视, 网站 , 社交媒体, 杂志, 标识, ,
Focus Brands Cinnabon 餐馆与快餐 , , , , 其他
Flowers Foods Dave's Killer Bread 饼干,面包,燕麦饼 社交媒体, , , 其他
Kraft Foods, Inc. DiGiorno 冷冻食品 , , , 其他
Dole Food Company, Inc. Dole Organics, Dole Organics 冷冻蔬菜及冷冻水果 , ,
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers 餐馆与快餐 电视, 互联网广告/横幅, , Flash动画, 其他动画, 手机广告, 社交媒体, 平面, , 杂志, 促销与事件, , , 广播 2017
Frontier Airlines Frontier 航空公司、机场、铁路、公交、渡轮和邮轮运输 , 2002 - 2011