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Štulcova 89/4
Prague 128 00
电话: (+420) 221617218

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核心能力: 直销/电话营销/数据库营销/客户关系管理, 市场研究/咨询, 公关, 媒介购买/企划


奖项: 131

客户: 5


Štulcova 89/4
Prague 128 00
电话: (+420) 221617218

Miloslav Knepr

Client Services Director

电话: (+420) 0221 617 255

Petr Kopecky


电话: (+420) 2 21 61 72 22

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About Mark/BBDO

We believe two things separate us from others. The first is our focus on creating the world’s most compelling commercial content—and that means work that changes behavior. Everybody talks about doing great work, our standing as Cannes Network of The Year for the last two years, and winning the Gunn Report in 6 of its 10 years is proof that we’re serious.;We’re also relentless reductionists. The world is full of complicators, our job is to quickly shed what’s extraneous and get to what’s really important.;Which is why this answer is only 96 words instead of the 250 you gave us.


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